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Assisting clients with filing a legal claim in Macomb County

Boyer, St. Pierre & Aull, PLLC lawyers know what it is like to have your world turned upside-down by an auto accident. Without warning, you suddenly have to deal with pain from injuries, the financial burden from damages, and the emotional trauma of the event.

Our firm provides legal guidance to help relieve some of your worries by managing the administrative process. We advise clients who are filing an auto accident lawsuit for damages sustained in several kinds of events:

  • Trucking accidents
  • Car wrecks
  • Bicycle and pedestrian collisions
  • Motorcycle crashes
  • Drunk-driver incidents
  • Boating accidents

We will help you find a legal solution by offering professional services from experienced attorneys ready to face the challenges of negotiating your auto accident injury claim. We listen and will help you through the complicated processes associated with filing a legal claim.

Focused, expert auto accident lawyers

While there are many similarities in accident and injury claims, at Boyer, St. Pierre & Aull, PLLC we take nothing for granted and focus acutely on on you and your unique accident. That means we listen, get all the facts, and we handle your case with personal care. What you want out of your claim is very important to us. Our auto accident lawyers are committed to spending time with clients to formulate a winning strategy to solve the problems resulting from their accidents:

  • Injuries that prevent the ability to work
  • Lack of funds to pay for medical fees
  • Lack of funds or coverage for physical therapy to fully heal injuries
  • Suffering caused by chronic pain from the accident
  • Inability to drive due to extreme anxiety
  • Fear of not being able to provide for a family
  • Hostility towards others and mood swings due to constant pain

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