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An experienced Michigan criminal defense lawyer is important today

The criminal defense lawyers at Boyer, St. Pierre & Aull, PLLC fight for clients charged with drug possession, distribution, manufacturing, and trafficking. They are sensitive to the trauma such charges may cause, especially for first time offenders. By doing so, you protect your rights, greatly increasing your chances of getting your charges dismissed or lessened, and if required, have a much less harsh penalty.

Never confess! Exercise your right to remain silent

The way you interact with the police when first apprehended can often determine the outcome of your case. The faster you involve and attorney, the better your chances for a positive outcome. For instance, an attorney will always counsel you to remain silent. Do not share any information with the police beyond identification required by law. What you think is an innocent statement can be turned into an admission of guilt by a prosecutor. The best approach is to demand an attorney and plainly state that you will not answer questions except in the presence of your attorney.

If you are charged with a drug crime in all of Macomb County, our attorneys are ready to fight for you. A drug charge puts you in difficult legal territory. As Michigan criminal defense lawyers, it is our job to ensure that your liberties, reputation, and privacy rights are upheld. Working on behalf of clients accused of substance-related offenses—possession, sale, delivery, and manufacturing—we do everything possible to help clients avoid jail time and financial penalties.

Medical marijuana users frequently arrested in Michigan

Since the Michigan legislature made medical marijuana use an option for state residents in 2008, there has been much confusion among local authorities about its regulation. Different activities may be legal or illegal depending on where in Michigan they take place and many municipalities and counties have chosen to interpret the law more strictly.

The drug crime defense lawyers at Boyer, St. Pierre & Aull, PLLC defend medical marijuana users who have been charged with illegal possession, growing, and distributions. If you have been charged in Macomb County with such offenses, contact the firm immediately for a free initial consultation at 888-559-4705.

Drug crime conviction can affect the rest of your life

If you plan to enter the military, receive college scholarships, or go to law school, a drug crime conviction can derail those plans forever. According to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, a drug conviction can keep an immigrant from successfully becoming a naturalized citizen. Drug crime convictions can also carry immediate and severe penalties, including:

  • Prison
  • Probation
  • Community service
  • Heavy fines
  • Court costs
  • Costly mandatory programs

The best means to avoid these penalties is a strong, experienced defense.

Accused of a drug crime in Macomb County, MI? Contact us today.

For more information on how to protect your rights and gain a strong defense when charged with a Michigan drug crime, contact Boyer, St. Pierre & Aull, PLLC online or call  888-559-4705 today for a free initial consultation.