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sub-banner-aop-drunk-drivingWhen You Need a DUI Attorney in Michigan

Do not neglect drunk driving charges—get legal advice immediately

Especially for inexperienced drinkers, it is not difficult for motorists to exceed the legal limit of .08 or higher for blood alcohol content. For some individuals, that can come from as little as two drinks (such as two 12-ounce bottles of beer). A slight infraction such as an incomplete stop at a stop sign, or driving in a manner interpreted by a police officer as erratic—perhaps only to avoid a pothole—could be reason enough for a traffic stop and subsequent sobriety tests.

Under such circumstances, it is essential that drivers facing charges hire lawyers who routinely handle DUI (Driving Under the Influence). With the counsel of an experienced DUI attorney, reasonably good drivers can be spared penalties imposed on first-time offenders. If you are facing DUI charges in Michigan, contact our attorneys at Boyer, St. Pierre & Aull, PLLC.

Penalties can be severe if you are convicted. A DUI attorney can help a driver navigate the laws and judicial system, which otherwise might impose a sentence of up to 93 days in jail, a $500 fine, 360 hours of community service, six points on a driver’s license, and six months suspended license. Even if only a license suspension is imposed, without driving privileges, it becomes difficult to work and manage a household. With each succeeding conviction, the penalties become more severe.

Tough new Michigan “super drunk” laws—Never confess!

And now, with the Michigan Super Drunk laws, DUI lawyers are even more necessary to fight increased penalties associated with a blood alcohol content of .17 or higher. If charged under these laws, a DUI attorney should be your first phone call, even before answering questions. Until you can be questioned with an attorney, always invoke your right to silence. A lawyer can always advocate for you better than you can for yourself.

A DUI lawyer can immediately go to work on your case to preserve important evidence, such as:

  • Police car videotapes
  • Field sobriety tests
  • Breathalyzer tests
  • 911 audiotapes

In some instances, this evidence can create reasonable doubt about the accuracy or truthfulness of the report from the arresting police officer. This evidence can also show that protections against illegal searches have been violated.

Select qualified Macomb DUI lawyers

Retaining or regaining driving privileges, or facing felonies that can come from operating while intoxicated charge (OWI) that involves death or serious injury are at least two factors weigh heavily in any kind of DUI case. The former is best achieved by beating a conviction. The latter, in addition to felony penalties, can impose serious financial responsibilities if the driver is found to be liable. Similar financial liabilities can also be extended to the establishment (bar, restaurant, club, or hotel) that provided an amount of alcohol deemed improper or dangerous to the driver.

Contact us if you are charged with a DUI

With more than 45 years of experience defending clients in OWI and traffic offense matters, our firm’s lawyers have extensive knowledge of DUI laws. Boyer, St. Pierre & Aull, PLLC attorneys routinely and successfully defend clients from conviction and possible punishment. In many cases, we have been able to get charges dropped. In other instances, we have been able to have charges or punishments lessened.

Call 888-559-4705 or contact Boyer, St. Pierre & Aull, PLLC online immediately for a free initial consultation if you have been charged with a Michigan DUI.