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Arbitration and Trial

Arbitration is a process used to finalize a divorce. The parties must consent to arbitration. In lieu of a trial in front of a Judge the parties may select an independent third person to act as a judge. In this case, they are called an arbitrator. Although the cost of the arbitrator must be paid by the parties, quite often there is a savings in time and money along with a quicker resolution of the case. Generally speaking, arbitration is final in that the appeal of an arbitration ruling is very limited.

Generally, well under 1% of all divorce cases go to trial. The other 99% or more are resolved by the parties. Quite often the parties use mediation, which is a process where the attorneys select a neutral third attorney to sit down with them and help settle the case, or arbitration to resolve the matter, short of Judge making a decision. Generally speaking, to have a trial in front of a Judge, means the case has been pending for upwards of a year and the parties are unable to resolve the major issues. A lot of time, work and expense is involved for the parties and attorneys in preparing and conducting a trial.

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