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Sterling Heights Child Support Lawyers

Michigan has a child support formula which essentially considers both parties’ income and the amount of overnights that each party has with the child(ren). The fact that the parents share the child equally, does not mean there will be no child support unless the parties’ incomes are essentially equal.

In unusual cases the court has the authority to deviate from the child support guidelines, either to increase or, more generally, to decrease the amount of child support based upon the factors of a particular case.

Child support includes an amount for the care of the child and also has other components such as the division of child care expenses incurred to allow one parent to work or get an education. Generally, the child care expenses are divided on a ratio of the parties income. Similarly, the same ratio is used to pay for health care expenses not covered by one of the parties’ health insurance incurred by the child.

A family-supportive child support attorney in Sterling Heights

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