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Common Family Law Issues Handled by Divorce Attorneys

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For couples seeking divorce, many challenging issues lay ahead of them.  Our divorce lawyers at Boyer Dawson & St. Pierre have decades of combined experience helping clients tackle difficult and sensitive issues intrinsic to divorce.

Divorce planning, child custody and child support assistance

In general, anyone considering divorce should consult an experienced divorce lawyer early on.  The reason is that an attorney can help you avoid certain pitfalls and entanglements that can lead to greater legal problems.  For example, when one spouse finds out that the other is planning a divorce, assets or records of assets may start disappearing.  Working out property division or child support becomes more complicated with no records or hidden assets.  Your divorce may require the skills of a forensic accountant to trace assets.  By planning divorce ahead of announcing the fact or taking legal action, you can take steps to copy records and maintain important information.  Your attorney can ensure you are informed and offer vital legal advice based on the unique details of your particular situation.

Determining child custody is often the most difficult issue that parents face.  Parents usually want to spend as much time with their children as possible.  Essentially, a parent seeking divorce has important decisions to make about custody options.  Michigan courts encourage parents to reach agreements about custody arrangements outside of court.  Whether considering joint custody or sole custody arrangements for legal and physical custody our child custody lawyers can help you make decisions in your child’s best interests.

Another major divorce issue is child support.  Child support is a defining factor in the quality of life for your children.  While divorce often creates financial stress due to the added expenses of two residences and separate maintenance bills, parents still want to offer their children as many advantages as possible.  A lawyer can explain the calculations required by law for determining child support and their relevance to your circumstances.

Discuss your divorce with an experienced family law attorney

Consulting a lawyer can help you decide how to proceed with a divorce, child custody, and child support.  Contact Boyer Dawson & St. Pierre for assistance in Warren, Shelby, Clinton Township, or Macomb County by phone at 888-559-4705 or contact us online.