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Real Estate

The well-respected attorneys of the Law Offices of Boyer, St. Pierre & Aull, PLLC have decades of experience handling real estate cases, ranging from closings to contract disputes to issues concerning titles, on behalf of a wide range of clients throughout the State of Michigan. And over the years, we have acquired a thorough understanding of the real estate business and of the legal issues and problems that often arise in the area. Using this knowledge, we are better able to represent our clients and to effectively and quickly have disputes resolved, resulting in fewer, if any, financial and other disruptions. We can also help you develop effective strategies concerning real estate transactions with which you might become involved. Boyer, St. Pierre & Aull, PLLC also has licensed real estate brokers on staff.

As with all other areas of our practice, our goal in real estate matters is to defend your rights in the best way possible and to obtain any compensatory or other remedies that might be available. Whether you are involved in a large or small real estate dispute, we can artfully handle your case.

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