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Motorcyclists Without Helmets Suffer More Injuries

Most motorcycle safety experts could predict the outcome of Michigan’s recent repeal of helmet laws in the state. Now the statistics are starting to prove the experts were right.

According to data gathered by MLive Media Group, helmetless motorcycle riders in Kalamazoo County are more likely to suffer incapacitating injuries or death than those who wear helmets. Further, data provided by the Michigan State Police showed that 100 riders in Kalamazoo County were involved in motorcycle crashes since Michigan’s helmet law was repealed. MLive examined data for seven months, beginning with the time when Governor Snyder signed the Helmet Repeal Law in April of 2012.

Other statistics from the MLive analysis show:

  • 12 of the 100 motorcycle accidents involved helmetless riders. However, the data pointed out that those riders were injured and killed at a greater rate than the motorcyclists wearing helmets.
  • Out of the 100 accidents, four were fatal and three of those killed were not wearing helmets.
  • Injuries, ranging from slight to incapacitating, were recorded in 100 percent of motorcycle accidents that involved helmetless riders.
  • Injuries were recorded in 71 percent of non-fatal crashes involving riders who were wearing helmets.

In short, the statistics demonstrate that motorcycle operators who do not wear helmets face increased risk of death or serious injury.

If you operate a motorcycle in Michigan, it is important to know that the helmet law repeal also affected other aspects of motorcycle law. Some of the requirements of the new law include:

  • All motorcyclists must be at least 21 years old.
  • Motorcyclists must carry $20,000 in motorcycle PIP medical insurance.
  • If you are a motorcycle owner and you choose to ride without a helmet, you must pass a safety course or have a motorcycle endorsement on your drivers license for at least two years.

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