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Recent Cases

The following are just a few recent examples of the successful settlements and verdicts we have been able to obtain on behalf of our clients:

Our client was injured in an automobile accident while being driven by an intoxicated driver which results in partial paralysis. The Law Offices of Boyer, St. Pierre & Aull, PLLC recovered $4,000,000 in settlement as a result of this accident.

$900,000 was recovered in a bicycle accident against a property owner when the bicycle rider rode his bike into a pit hidden behind a bicycle ramp.

$2,100,000 was recovered on behalf of our client whose husband was killed in a boating accident while the boat was being operated by an intoxicated driver.

$1,000,500 was obtained for a client when she was run over by a boat while water skiing.

$600,000 was recovered in a settlement when our client slipped and fell down wooden steps in an apartment complex resulting in multiple surgeries to her leg.

A $450,000 verdict was reached against an insurance company as a result of the insurance company’s failure to pay no-fault benefits as required by Michigan law.

Representative Cases / Domestic Relations

  1. We were retained less than three weeks prior to trial on a complex child custody action. Our client was awarded full physical custody and child support based upon our claim of what the father’s actual income was (several times what he claimed).
  2. We successfully represented a business owner through trial and subsequent arbitration and issues relating to his substantial assets, including hotels, apartment buildings, office buildings, and various other real estate holdings.
  3. We successfully represented various business owners, including landscape suppliers, highway construction companies, and restaurant owners to allow them to keep all their business assets and pay their spouse over a period of years.
  4. We successfully represented women, whose spouses had various business interests, and were able to successfully show the true income and value of the assets, assuming that our client received her fair share of the property and spousal support.
  5. In a recent case where the husband made an immediate request for custody of a child, which was granted by the trial court, we filed an appeal which returned the child to the mother within a matter of days. We have successfully handled on behalf of both mother and father many child custody actions.